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Helping human systems create better futures

best online trading platforms Pakistan The Aurora Now Foundation empowers people and organizations to create healthy, meaningful futures for themselves and the diverse communities in which they live.

Our world is becoming more complex, and rapid changes in our social, economic and natural environments are becoming more difficult to predict and respond to. The Aurora Now Foundation helps individuals and their organizations learn about the interconnection between a variety of local and global challenges facing us. More importantly, we provide knowledge and skills for dealing with these interconnected, complex issues.

We help people understand that although humanity is challenged with complex problems, solutions themselves need not be complicated, just comprehensive. These solutions can be realized by gaining an awareness of our capacity for conscious choice and effectively using our creativity and knowledge.

Click here for just a little plain-english introduction to our focus on diversity and systems thinking.

best online trading platforms for beginners Aurora Now is a publicly supported 501(c)3 education and research foundation whose mission is to raise personal and social awareness and responsibility by inspiring people--especially young people--to use their diverse skills, perspectives and gifts in a collaborative way; to creatively address complex, interconnected problems from a systemic perspective. And through this collaboration, to help youth, their families, organizations and communities co-create healthy and sustainable futures. Learn more by reading our entire executive summary

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develops five core competencies needed to successfuly manage the growth of your organization with integrity.

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YOUTH: In past years we have sponsored scholarships to leading social action conferences for teenagers, facilitated youth participation at international research conferences and helped moderate online chat communities. Now we are preparing to launch a web-based "knowledge space" as part of our "FutureMakers" project. Find out more and learn how you can help…

RAISING PERSONAL & GLOBAL AWARENESS: So you're not a teenager anymore and you don't run a company, but you're learning to become more socially conscious and want to understand more about the complex issues facing the world, and what you can do to create a better future for yourself, your family and your community. You've come to the right place.

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Explore our growing RESOURCE CENTER for articles, inspiration, and ways to participate in our on-line conversations.

ACTION RESEARCH: Our research informs the design and delivery of our programs, and our programs provide the empirical results that inform the research we present in the U.S. and internationally. Focusing on "systems thinking" and the new sciences applied to social systems, we help people outside of academic and research environments learn how to understand and manage complex issues.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT: Ongoing research, program development and implementation and "getting the word out" requires tireless effort and, of course, the financial resources to make progress count. Find out what you can do, and what kind of return you can expect from your social investment…
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