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Our research papers and articles are available free of charge. Simply email us and request the paper you are interested in if it is not available online. Most papers will be sent via e-mail in .rtf or .doc format.

The Ways & Means of Healthy, Authentic Community
Stalinski, S (1999) Proceedings: International Society for the Systems Sciences

Toward Authentic Community
Stalinski, S (2000) Proceedings: ISSS World Congress

Is a Systems (r)Evolution on the Horizon for Education?
Stalinski, S. (2000). Iowa ASCD Journal, March 2000.

Creating Futures: A Systems View of Transformation for our Organizations, Communities & World
Stalinski, S. (2001). Aurora Now Foundation. 120 pages.

Concreteness in Integral Worlds
Heiner Benking & Sherryl Stalinski. Worldly Expressions of the Integral: 27th Annual Jean Gebser Society Conference, Ohio University, Oct. 18-20, 2001, Athens, OH

Dialogue towards Unity in Diversity
Heiner Benking & Sherryl Stalinski: Unity in Diversity: Ludwig Von Bertalanffy Conference, University of Vienna, Nov. 1-4, 2001, Vienna, Austria

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