Here I Go Again…

Well, my last site used B2Evolution and somehow “broke” so that gave me an excuse to re-create my site using WordPress. So here it is. The theme was designed by me using Artisteer (way cool software for designing WP themes, check it out). My first step will be to get some of my old content back up. Who knows, after that, I just may be inspired to start writing on a regular basis again… maybe…

Reflections on the 2001 State of the Future

(c) August 2001. Sherryl Stalinski.

This is a reprint of an article written by Sherryl one month before the 9/11 attacks.

It’s almost September. Most of us have long since forgotten that we are still heralding in the first year of the third millennium. Instead, we are busying ourselves preparing our children for a new school year and “settling in” for the routine of life until next summer’s vacations. Thinking about addressing global challenges and creating a better future for humanity in a new millennium are topics left for the lofty aspirations of world leaders.

Or are they?

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Remembering John Denver

(photo: Mt. Sopris from the Windstar property, July 2009)

It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since the death of John Denver. Harder still to believe it’s been over fifteen years since Pat and I found ourselves on the Windstar Foundation property in Old Snowmass Colorado (John co-founded the Windstar Foundation with Tom Crum in 1976). We both remember a déjà-vu-like visceral feeling of prescience the first time we walked up to the Windstar building… there was something about this unplanned trip that would change the direction of our lives. We knew it then.

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Now is the time for creating a new future, a new dawn